Transformer Blend - Created with the black coffee drinker in mind...

Transformer Blend - Created with the black coffee drinker in mind...

By David Patteson

Transformer Blend - Created with the black coffee drinker in mind...

Do you like your coffee black but hate bitter, watery brews that lack depth and flavour? So did we...

That's why we developed our black coffee specialty blend, Transformer Blend.

smooth and clean with honey, caramel and just the right amount of fruitiness to add depth, leaving a sweet and lingering finish

Can black coffee be sweet? The answer is a resounding, YES!

There are a number of factors that contribute to coffee sweetness but at the end of the day, it all starts with the bean.

Specialty Grade Green Beans

The green coffee we use is carefully selected for our blends. It is chosen for flavour but also we ensure we purchase from reputable suppliers who value fair trade and quality.

Specialty Grade is the highest grading of green coffee and we are proud to roast, prepare and serve these wonderful products. Our coffee is graded based on size, uniformity, defects, taste, varietal and processing meaning that you get the best coffee possible.

We use 3 coffees in Transformer and each one brings it's own flavour and character to this award winning blend. They are as follows:


This full bodied cup brings a beautiful sweetness as part of the blend base of Transformer. This green bean is quite large and has a high moisture content compared to other coffee's in the roastery. Notes of plum and stone fruit bring acuity to complement the subtle and delicate nature of this coffee.


Although relatively close to Colombia, Guatemala's volcanic soil provide the basis for some of the worlds most exceptional coffee. Being grown at altitudes that exceed 1100 metres above sea level, this bean is quite dense lending to increased sugar development and potential for elevated sweetness and refined acidity. 


This provides the finishing touch of fruit required to really make this blend delicious and truly engaging. We add just the right amount t ensure the Ethiopia's nature doesn't over ride the delicate balance of the blend, whilst providing a compelling finish in the cup.

The Roast

In this link of the coffee's chain of custody, we take this part very seriously. We roast the coffee to retain as much character and flavour as possible without adding too much pyrolytic tones, ensuring a clean cup throughout all brewing methods. This also ensures the coffee is quite forgiving, subtle and smooth as a black coffee but also great in milk.

Award Winning

Transformer Blend was awarded a Bronze Medal for it's performance at the 2016 Australian International Coffee Awards in the "Espresso" category. 

The AICA, conducted by The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria since, is Australia’s first and only international coffee awards rewarding and recognising excellence.The awards gives producers the opportunity to benchmark their produce against industry standards; seek advice from an independent panel of experts; and to promote and market award winning products using the AICA’s seal of approval.

If you would like to know more about Transformer Blend or any of our other Specialty Coffee Blends feel free to contact us.