Costa Rica Single Origin - Community Naranjo de Dota

By James Campos

A key-player in the specialty coffee scene, Costa Rica boasts eight distinct coffee producing regions. In a nation renowned for its diverse microclimates, each region produces coffee with equally unique flavour characteristics. Coffee is planted and grown during the rainy months of May to November, with harvesting occurring from December to April. The harvesting season sees populations in these regions swell to almost triple, highlighting that coffee production remains pivotal to the Costa Rican economy and the livelihoods of its peoples.

White Whale’s newest single origin beans, Community Naranjo de Dota, originate from a pristine 50-hectare farm belonging to the ‘Corella Granados’ brothers. The farm is located in Tarrazu - the highest altitude coffee growing region in Costa Rica, which is well-known for producing beans with balanced acidity and great aroma.

While Mauricio, Marvin and Greving have been growing coffee all their lives, the Naranjo plot is only in its fifth year of production. Farmers working this plot are dedicated to picking only perfectly ripe Caturra and Catuai cherries, in the pursuit of the most complex cup of coffee possible. Once harvested, the cherries are brought to the Palmichal Mill, where they are washed and dried mechanically. The farm is a part of coffee supplier Ceca’s ‘Community Program’, which targets local Costa Rican coffee producers who reap sweet economic rewards in exchange for upholding outstanding levels of quality and professionalism.

The result? A completely traceable, clean, light-bodied and deliciously sweet brew with bright stone-fruit acidity and flavour notes of peach, honey and black tea. That’s the good stuff.

Pop in to our Portsmith Roastery or our sister store, Teddy Espresso, to snap up a bag of Community Naranjo de Dota for all your home brewing needs or catch it in one of our hoppers and ask our friendly baristas to whip you up something real nice!