Romano Takes On Teddy Espresso

By James Campos

You may have noticed the recent absence of our resident big-friendly-giant, Romano, who for the last two years has worked as White Whale’s Operations Manager. Romano arrived from Sydney and knocked on our door at a time where the White Whale ship needed steadying. During his tenure, Romano shared his vast knowledge and passion for specialty coffee with our team, bringing with him an infectious positive energy and kindness towards others. Leaning on his experience working in leading specialty coffee establishments and roasteries in Sydney’s blossoming scene, Romano elevated the coffee program at White Whale and constantly sought to push our way of thinking.



But, the story doesn’t end there. Since day dot, Romano made clear his goals of business ownership to White Whale’s co-owners, Ali and Steve. Altruistic as ever, Ali and Steve did not intend to clip Romano’s wings, and in recognising his clear potential and business-mindset, offered Romano an opportunity to step into the world of business ownership. Romano is now the proud-owner of White Whale’s sister-store, Teddy, which Ali and Steve opened in April 2021 in the leafy streets of Edge Hill. A friendly neighbourhood coffee shop boasting a modern espresso bar, Teddy has built a loyal community of local coffee-lovers and you will often find the café buzzing with life.



While the ownership of Teddy may have changed hands, we still share a strong connection, and will continue to use the same White Whale App for online ordering. For those in the neighbourhood looking for a White Whale brew, or to choose from our full range of White Whale beans, Teddy is the spot – what’s better, Teddy’s doors are open 7-days a week, including most public holidays!


Thanks for everything Romano – we are looking forward to seeing you smash it at Teddy!