Ethiopia Single Origin - Yirgacheffe Resiti Natural ***COMING JANUARY 2023***

By James Campos

Originating from the famed coffee producing region of Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, our latest Single Origin Yirgacheffe Resiti Natural, was produced by 357 local smallholder farmers in the small village of Gersi. Each farmer typically cultivates less than 2.25 hectares of land with great care and precision, growing coffee under the shade of native forest at 1900-2050MASL using (unofficially) organic processes. Like many Ethiopian small holder coffee producers, farmers in Gersi apply compost and manure to their farms and manage the trees with timely pruning rather than relying on the use of costly chemicals and fertilisers.

Ripe cherries are hand picked during the harvesting months of November and December and delivered to the dry-mill where they are placed on raised African beds. The drying process typically lasts 15-20 days, with coffee shaded between 12-3pm and turned frequently to allow for steady and consistent drying. 

The result of this naturally processed coffee is a juicy and floral cup, bursting with flavour notes of lime, raspberry and vanilla. Roasted light, our Yirgacheffe Resiti Natural will become a firm favourite for all our filter geeks out there, and will work great as a pour over or as cold brew to beat those hot summer months. 

Like all our coffee, Yirgacheffe Resiti Natural is available on the shelves of our Portsmith Roastery, or can be purchased via our online store or App (local FNQ customers only). Stay caffeinated!