Our Relationship with Reef Restoration Foundation







In an effort to give back and live our mission – coffee that does good, White Whale teamed up with the Reef Restoration Foundation during 2019. In the wake of two unprecedented coral bleaching events and a major cyclone, which combined to impact two-thirds of the Great Barrier Reef, the RRF established a series of ocean-based coral nurseries. These nurseries are an essential part of efforts to replenish and regenerate coral reefs on the Great Barrier Reef and Fitzroy Island. The future viability of these efforts remain largely reliant on donations from corporate partners.

As part of our corporate sponsorship partnership with the RRF, White Whale has committed to donating a portion of all coffee bean sales in support of the coral nursery program and its goal of planting 1 million baby coral by 2026. To date, White Whale has donated over $60,000.

For more information on the RRF and White Whale’s relationship with them, please visit the links below.


White Whale and the RRF