Soft Brewing Methods for Home - Cold Brew (Mizudashi)

Soft Brewing Methods for Home - Cold Brew (Mizudashi)

By Ali Slotemaker

Soft Brewing Methods for Home - Cold Brew (Mizudashi)

There are several ways to brew specialty coffee for your morning pick me up and they don't all need expensive equipment either.

The following methods are most common and produce great results with a little trial and error.

Cold Brew (using the Hario "Mizudashi" Cold Brew Pot)

Mizudashi - meaning cold water in Japanese

Super easy to make and perfect for hot climates or when refreshment is a must. Perfect served over ice or with milk it is very versatile and provides a super clean, sweet and tea-like flavour.

We use the following recipe here at the Portsmith Roastery and we are more than happy to assist in product selection and queries.


  • remove filter basket from Mizudashi Pot
  • add 800ml room temp water
  • add 80g coffee grounds to filter basket (medium grind)
  • replace filter basket with coffee to Mizudashi Pot
  • pour remaining 200ml of room temp water over grounds slowly
  • ensure all grounds are wet and Mizudashi Pot is full
  • allow to steep for 8 hours
  • remove filter basket / discard grounds
  • refrigerate and enjoy

Our Riptide Blend or Stonehammer Blend are great coffee's to try with Cold Brew as the fruitiness of the Natural Ethiopian used creates a delicate flavour.