Barista making a latte

Milk Texturing & Latte Art Class

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Our milk texturing and latte art class is a one-stop-shop for those baristas who feel frustrated that their coffees don’t look as good as they taste. The focus of the class? Milk, milk and more milk. During this one-hour session, your barista trainer will cover all the tips and tricks to create that glossy, silky milk of your dreams. The class will take a deeper dive into pouring elegant latte art designs.

The course content will include:

  • Milk texturing techniques
  • Pouring techniques – blending and canvas creation
  • Latte art techniques – designs ranging from basic to more advanced
  • Jug splitting and order management

This class is not designed for those who are completely new to coffee, and is intended for those who have a decent handle of espresso and espresso extraction. For beginners, we recommend first taking the Barista Fundamentals Class.

Email for booking enquiries and/or further details. Alternatively, pop into our roastery and speak to a member of our friendly team.