Our Company Values


1. Ikigai - that which brings value and joy to life
Find your ikigai (purpose & joy) by crafting your most enjoyable, rewarding and inspiring job yet. When we all find our ikigai, and this permeates our organisation, we are achieving a great level of success.
2. A love of coffee
It might be the origin stories, roasting process, brewing techniques, quirky spaces, early mornings, caffeine hits, remarkable people, social impact, transformed communities or something else, but there is something about coffee we absolutely love.
3. Be learners
It is ok not to know. We are here to receive knowledge from others and share our knowledge with others. We always contribute by sharing our knowledge, ideas, thoughts, and feelings while being curious and open to other peoples’ points of view. We are always learning, growing and changing.
4. Tread softly
We do as little damage to our planet and people as possible. We reduce, reuse, and recycle as many resources as possible, including reducing the physical, mental, and emotional strain on our team, customers & stakeholders.
5. Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind
Clarity is ensuring you’re communicating clearly without room for misunderstanding. We avoid the cultural norm of “nice and polite”. We give honest, productive feedback and lean into tough conversations. Feeding people half-truths or BS to make them feel better (which is almost always about making ourselves feel more comfortable) is unkind. We keep it uncomfortable, brave, and kind.
6. We look after each other
We understand we all are human with different backgrounds, experiences, idiosyncrasies and needs. We celebrate our differences. We show compassion to everyone, including ourselves. We share the highs and lows and support each other through the sticky middle. And we always ask for help when we need it.
7. Creating value, delivering our mission
To us, organisational success is using our knowledge, skills & talents to deliver value to an individual, group or community. In return, we generate income to create profit, which allows us to carry out our mission - to make a positive difference to people, communities & the environment through coffee. However, we will always uphold our fundamental principles of dignity, respect, integrity, decency, fairness, and kindness to achieve that.
8. Accountability
We have the mindset of an owner always holding ourselves and others accountable to our guiding principles, high standards & shared purpose. Accountability is believing in another’s ability to grow and excel. When we genuinely hold this belief, we hold others as “able” while they hold themselves accountable.