Fundraising & Sponsorship

Fundraising & Sponsorship Opportunity 

We are a local small business that wants to give back in any small way we can.  We are proud to part of the 2.1 million small businesses Australia wide, employing over 4.5 million people.

If small business does well, we all do well; and its for the that reason we would like offer your organisation or club an opportunity to raise some extra much needed funds.   

Whether you represent a school, workplace, sporting club or other organisation, we can offer you a real money reward for referring business locally.   

How it works:

1. We give you a unique partnership code to share with your network.

2. Whenever someone places an order for coffee beans online using your unique code, your organisation is paid in real cash.  Every 1 kg = $3.

3. Your club is paid at the end of every month. 

Find out more about how an Industry One fundraiser can help you raise much needed funds for your organisation. Contact Ali today via email

We look forward to hearing from you.


Sponsorship - YWAM Medical Ships Australia 

Current Industry One Coffee is the coffee sponsor for MV YWAM PNG.  We donate over 40 kg of freshly roasted coffee beans for each outreach program, giving the volunteers that little extra boost to carry out the wonderful work they do.

Vission: YWAM Medical Ships Australia’s vision is based on the need for a respectful and collaborative partnership with the people of PNG and Australia. The aim is to see major sustainable health improvement in PNG while simultaneously seeing relationships strengthened between Australia and PNG.

Mission: To see improved quality of life for the people of PNG through development-focused programmes, with an emphasis on the health sector, while also building Australians’ capacity to serve through volunteering.










You can donate by clicking here.  You will be redirected to the YWAM Medical Ships Australia's website.