About our coffee


Our core principles focus on quality, appreciation and understanding of the beans we purchase, roast and serve; meaning our coffee is honest, refined and distinctive – you can taste the love! 

We offer a range of carefully blended & single origin coffee beans. As with any good coffee roaster, we purchase green beans seasonally from producers who with high ethical & environmental standards, this means blends change slightly, single origins are here and then gone & from time to time a bean or blend is unavailable. This is a good thing; the more we connect coffee with its agricultural origin & farming practices, we give ourselves room to appreciate the subtitles of flavour at a deeper level.  

We love what we do and happily share it with you. We believe there are no secrets in coffee and knowledge is power – power for positive change. We ask you to test our knowledge, make us grow & make us better; for the benefit for specialty coffee and the greater good. 

If you would like to discuss having White Whale coffee in your cafe or business please contact us on +61429170398 or email.