Timor-Leste Atsabe Natural (Espresso Roast) - Red Plum, Raspberry Candy, Muscat Grape

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After an experimental stint as a standalone coffee in our seasonal Carpenter's blend at the back end of 2023, we are excited to see this amazing Atsabe Natural back on our shelves for 2024.

This time around, rather than cloaking a standout single-origin under the generic Carpenter's name, we hope to better highlight the amazing socially and economically transformative coffee being produced in the Atsabe region of Timor-Leste.

Keep your eyes peeled for a fresh label and expect tasting notes of red plum, raspberry candy and muscat grape. This coffee is a real all-rounder and carries effortlessly through milk or makes for a black brew jam packed with flavour.

Region/Origin: Atsabe, Ermera Municipality - Timor-Leste

Process: Natural

Varietal: Hibrido de Timor, Moka, Typica

Altitude: 1400-1600MASL

Roasting Profile: Espresso

Best Served: White or black

Under the guidance of Raw Material, producers in the Atsabe region abide to best picking practices, with only ripe cherries being picked and sold for processing. The cherries are first floated in water and are sorted by density, with the low density, less mature cherries that float to the surface removed to be processed separately and sold at the local market.

Workers then meticulously hand-sort the higher-density mature cherries, removing all damaged or underripe fruit by eye. The cherry is then transported to raised beds, where they are dried in high sun for one month. The lots are turned regularly to ensure even airflow and sun contact. When the cherries have reached a drying level of around 14%, the coffee is then transported to lower altitudes with higher temperatures, to complete the drying phase. Once complete, the cherries are separated from the parchment, and prepared for export at the Railaco dry mill. In efforts to minimise waste, the remaining cherry is saved for redistribution as fertiliser to be used by the farmers who grew the harvests.

For more information on our relationship with local producers in Timor-Leste click here.