Ethiopia - Guji Dekitu Natural (Filter) | Currant, Rose, Cacao Nib

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Until recently, coffees from Ethiopia’s Guji zone often fell under the broader Sidamo umbrella. With relaxed commodity exchange regulations coming into effect in 2017, producers are now able to ship coffee directly from their washing stations rather than mixing their product with neighbouring regions, showcasing the distinct characteristics of their coffee in the process. This brings great pride to the local Oromo people.

This Guji Natural is the fruit of the labour of 400 local growers, who delivered their top quality cherries to the Dekitu Station, owned by the Alemayehu family and managed by agronomist, Anteneh Alemayehu.

Growers and their families receive training to improve the cup quality of each harvest, and receive financial incentives to continue their dedication. The Alemayehu family founded a school so the children of local growers can receive a great education.

Expect tasting notes of currant, rose and cacao nib.

Region/Origin: Guji, Ethiopia 

Process: Natural

Varietal: Heirloom

Altitude: 1950-2200 MASL

Roasting Profile: Filter

Best Served: Black