Our ethical values - DRAFT

White Whale Coffee Roasters supports all initiatives that work towards a fair and equitable exchange between coffee seller & coffee buyer.  We are humbled by the commitment & work carried out by coffee farmers all over the world, who bring us truly amazing coffees each and every year.

We take great pride in knowing the coffees we purchase, all of the highest quality, has been fairly traded & the coffee farmer has been rewarded for an outstanding product. We believe the growth of the micro-roasting movement has been monumental in bringing about positive change in the green coffee market and in turn positively impacting the lives of coffee farmers.  We urge you to buy "specialty" coffee from a local roaster and you can be sure your purchase is making a difference to lives near and far.

Our long term goal is to establish our own close to home (i.e. PNG & Sumatra), direct-trade relationships with coffee framers to ensure the best possible returns for their produce.  

If you own a coffee farm and want to talk about direct trade, we would love to here from you.  Please email us here.