Single Origin: Columbia

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Origin: Colombia
Luis Diaz - Villa Roa
100% Castillo

We have a very delicious and limited run of a lightly roasted Colombian natural. This one is perfect for the filter lovers! #filtercoffeenotpeople

Tasting notes: Strawberry, Malt, Cranberry, Black Vanilla, Caramel


Do you like surprises? If so, just order our Single Origin and we will send you something unique, delicious and guaranteed to be incredible quality. The 'single' as it's known in the business is where roasters love to flex their skills, be it in green bean selection or the development of the roast profile.
Not into surprises? That's ok, email us at and we will send you the latest tasting notes.

Single Origins are hand-selected by the roastery team to showcase a particular bean, country or farm. As coffee should be, our singles are always changing and will often only be available for a short period of time. We roast our singles to be suitable for espresso and filter extraction.

Coffee that does good - A percentage from the sale of this coffee is donated to help regenerate the Great Barrier Reef through the amazing work carried out by Reef Restoration Foundation.

Recommended brew methods: