David Patteson - Manager + Roaster 

David Patteson, Industry One Coffee Roastery, Manager + Roaster Dave began his coffee career while managing a successful coffee franchise. During these formative years, he delved into Specialty Coffee and became more aware of the third wave movement. This sparked an interest and combined with the desire to improve work-life balance, Dave embarked on a career move with Industry One Coffee Roasters as Manager.  Dave's methodical nature and critical thinking has seen him adapt to Specialty Coffee in lightning speed, where he continues to learn and grow everyday. Dave is currently Manager and Roaster. 


Hollie Furnish - Assistant Manager + Barista 

Hollie Furnish, Industry One Coffee Roasters, Assistant Manager + BaristaHollie's eyes were opened when Industry One opened their first roastery/cafe 8 years ago and she become loyal customer, however, it was the passionate baristas that impressed her most. After, over a decade in the childcare industry Hollie was longing for a change and before she knew it, she was on the other side of the counter. Hollie meticulously learning and refining her craft.  Hollie's respect and understanding of how much effort goes into each and every cup from growing, processing, roasting, cupping, grinding, extracting to tasting is a genuine love of coffee and its catalyst effect of bringing people together and changing lives. Hollie is self-driven and pushes boundaries in aiming for sensory perfection that have her customers longing for more, plus her gorgeous genuine smile.  


Stephen Lee - Head Roaster 

Stephen Lee, Industry One Coffee Roasters - Head RoasterStephen first developed his interest for coffee after experiencing the thriving micro coffee roasting industry in New Zealand. These micro-roasters were opening up access to freshly roasted coffee beans and as a result producing outstanding coffees, anything from the humble flat white to single origin beans to brew at home was now fresh, alive and anything else was a compromise. However, what excited Stephen most was the diversity, awareness and education being generated around coffee production and consumption as a result of these micro-roasters.  On returning to Australia, Stephen immersed himself in everything and anything “coffee”, most notably undertaking training with renowned US coffee identity Tracy Allen. With a background as a carpenter Stephen took quite naturally to the artisan approached required for great coffee roasting. 


Ali Slotemaker - Creative Director 

Ali grew up in Nelson, New Zealand and her first job aged 14 was making coffee because everyone else was scared of the coffee machine.  Coffee making become a paid the way while studying a B.Sc. at Canterbury Uni. Graduating followed by a 4 yr stint in local government Ali had a desire for something more dynamic. There were all sorts of business ideas from stock feed shops to established cafes, however, it was specialty coffee roasting that held the attention of Ali and now husband, Stephen. Initially it was about creating product where you had quality control, roasting was paramount. Since then Ali has completed at Queensland and NZ Barista championship and in 2015 gained the highly Q-Grader