This cute coffee box includes 250 g of freshly roasted White Whale coffee (you can choose the blend & grind size if needed) and the most beautiful reusable cup by Pottery For The Planet.  This box is just divine and will keep on giving for years to come.  Each pottery cup is unique; no two are the same; the cup received may not be the same in the product photo; however, it will be from the same family.   If you would like images of the actual cup, we are happy to provide these for you; please get in touch at or ph 0429170398.

Please let us know what Blend & grind size (if any) in the notes section when placing your order. 

Blend options:

  • Riptide Blend 
  • Beach House Blend 
  • Stone Hammer Blend 
  • Carpenters Blend 
  • Single Origin 
  • **Limited** Christmas Blend  

You can feel extra good knowing your purchase is helping regenerate the Great Barrier Reef one baby coral at a time. #coffeethatdoesgood

 Reef Restoration Foundation Official Sponsor

*This product can be collected up from White Whale or Teddy Espresso, or shipped locally for free. For any other shipping needs, please get in touch.