The Coffee Box | 6 Pack

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This Coffee Box is a collection of our four most popular blends, delicious single-origin Timor Leste, and our festive Christmas Blend. Each coffee comes in a 250-gram resealable bag, either whole beans or ground to your liking.

  • Riptide Blend
  • Beach House Blend
  • Stone Hammer Blend
  • Carpenter's Blend
  • Timor Leste
  • **Limited Edition** Christmas Blend

This Coffee Box makes a beautiful gift that will create a coffee journey for the coffee enthusiast in your life or simply a great way to sample everything White Whale Coffee Roasters offers. 

You can feel extra good knowing your purchase is helping regenerate the Great Barrier Reef one baby coral at a time. #coffeethatdoesgood

 Reef Restoration Foundation Official Sponsor

*This Box ships free nationwide.