The Coffee Box | 6 Pack

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We like to argue good things come in BIG packages...This Coffee Box features 6 x 250 gram bags of coffee (ground to however you like) ready to make you jump out of bed in the morning and tickle your socks off. 

Your coffee cravings will get the chance to be satisfied with our: 

  • Beach House Blend
  • Stone Hammer Blend
  • Carpenter's Blend
  • Tumbleweed Blend
  • 2010 Blend
  • Limited Edition Christmas Blend

BUT WAIT! There's more...With the purchase of this very Coffee Box, an alert notifies our Cairns based roastery signalling for the whole team to share high fives and celebrate with whale noises. We all jump in the company van and head down to the wharf where we find the Reef Restoration team and 1,000 baby corals waiting for us with great anticipation.

We suit up, jump on board and head straight out to the Great Barrier Reef, chanting your name. Upon our arrival, the baby corals scream with joy, relieved that your purchase of The Coffee Box has now allowed them to be set free into the wild. The corals are gently secured to their new underwater home and after shedding a few tears, we say our goodbyes.

We all head back to the mainland, partying on through the night with immense satisfaction from today’s good deed. All thanks to you, and your seriously good box of coffee. 

Reef Restoration Foundation Official Sponsor

*Free Express shipping nationwide with every Coffee Box ordered.