Carpenters Blend - formally named Transformer as this blend had the power to transform so many things; particularly those who believed black coffee was about burnt bitter flavours.  It certainly doesn’t have to be; this blend was developed with the modern-day black coffee drinker in mind, even having the potential to convert the most resistant milk-based coffee drinker.  

With our re-brand to White Whale Coffee Roasters, we have re-named this blend after Head Roaster, Stephen, who was a craftsman of timber before turning his hand to coffee roasting.  This blend has also aptly transformed into our seasonal blend, meaning it will continually evolve to reflect the seasonality of the very best green coffee we can source.

This blend will always be bright and clean, and roasted lighter, however, it will be transforming regularly. Guaranteed to always be awesome. Most suited to black espresso or filter brewing, however, also perfect for those seeking a milder super delicious milk-based coffee.  

A percent of the sale from this product is donated to hep regenerate the Great Barrier Reef through the amazing work carried out by Reef Restoration Foundation.

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